Streamlining awards forecasting with our straightforward click-by-category design, welcome to AWARDS ACE, your headquarters for up-to-the-minute Oscars & Golden Globes 2020 tracking.

Starting the season with what we’ve dubbed the “Significant Six”, AWARDS ACE tracks all 24 Oscar categories daily, each represented by an image from one of that given category’s front-running films. Potential nominees are then listed inside, end-credits-style, eventually under one of four subcategories, stamping each film/performance with its individual likelihood of securing an actual Oscars & Golden Globes 2020 nomination.

The goal is to provide you, the reader, a more linear approach to awards season throughout the year, getting right down to what you ultimately care about: which films and performances will perform well during awards season and ideally for the studios involved: land those coveted nominations.

We look forward to keeping you informed throughout not just awards season but the entire cinematic year here at AWARDS ACE, where it’s always awards season.

– Erick Weber, AWARDS ACE Editor-in-Chief